What Kind Of Belt Should You Wear With Jeans? Find Out Here

Jeans are a modern man’s staple. They work in most environments. In some industries, they work as smart casual attire. The blurring of the lines between leisurewear and workwear does cause some confusion, though, bringing up the question of what kind of belt to wear with jeans.

How do you style your jeans so that they look that little bit smarter? What do you need to finish off your outfit? After all, it's not like men have tons of accessory options.

Fortunately, there’s one accessory that will always work here – a great men's casual leather belt, or of course a casual leather belt for women. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can find the perfect belt to complete your look.

What Belt Will You Wear Today?

Be Prepared to Do Some Research

I can almost hear you groan already. Finding the perfect look means that you'll have to go shopping. There's no substitute here for trying on different makes and models. Grit your teeth and power through. Once you find the perfect match, you're set.

Take the Easy Way Out

Matching your jeans to your footwear is one of our easiest tips. It's a great way to ensure that you never get the look wrong. If you're wearing black leather brogues for a meeting at work, choose a smart leather belt to match.

Wearing leather to the family barbeque might be a little too smart. Still, the rule applies – match your shoes and belt.

If you’re trying to figure out where you’ll get a belt for your neon green Nikes, relax. When we say match, we don’t necessarily mean an exact match. Pick up a neutral color on your shoes if you can find one. If all else fails, find a belt made from the same material.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of colors and style options to choose between. When it doubt, stick to classic black or brown leather. You can always get a fun belt buckle to make it look more casual.

Find the Right Width

The next thing is to find the right width. Your typical wide belt is more than an inch and a half wide. Your regular narrow belt is one and a quarter inches wide. As a general rule of thumb, wider belts look best with casual wear. Narrower belts are better for formal occasions. Knowing what size belt to buy is important.

The good news with denim is that you can get away with different widths. Wearing a dark, more formal denim with a narrow belt looks great. When you’re out relaxing with your buddies, a wider belt is more appropriate.

Here especially is where it becomes essential to try a few belts on. A thin belt is typically more formal. If you're a big guy, though, it might get lost on you. Keep in mind that these are guidelines, not rules. See what these looks look like on you before making a decision.

Also, keep in mind that the materials of the belt make a difference. You'll have a hard time making a white canvas belt look smart. By the same token, a stylish, highly detailed leather belt hardly looks casual.

If you're not sure about the color, think of it this way. Anything lighter than dark blue is usually considered casual. That goes for jeans and belts.

Your Belt Buckle Says More Than You Think

It’s a sign of good taste to match the metals that you wear, especially in a formal setting. If your buttons are gold, wear a gold belt buckle.  When dressing formally, conservative is usually the right option. So, drop that WWE souvenir belt buckle for something plain.

A dull, conservative belt buckle suggests you're reliable and trustworthy. A modern, minimalist style indicates that you have impeccable taste. That shiny WWE belt buckle is best for casual occasions or times when you want the world to notice you.

Now Forget All the Rules

The most important rule here is that you exude confidence. If you get that right, you could wear your WWE belt buckle to a royal christening. Okay, you probably wouldn’t go that far. That said, fashion rules are changeable.

You need to establish your sense of style, or you risk being a fashion victim. If that means wearing sneakers and suspenders to the office, embrace your quirky self. (As long as the boss approves, naturally.) Who knows, you might even become a trendsetter yourself.

The main thing that we want to get across here is that confidence will cover a lot of fashion sins. Wear like you were born to do so, and no one will notice that the belt doesn’t match your shoes.

Final Notes

We live in a society where we’re always testing the rules. At the moment, conservative dressing is the way to go at work. Who knows what the next ten years will bring, though?

Establish your own sense of style and forget the fashion rules. Throw together a few, never miss looks for those days when you're running late.

Pretty soon, choosing the perfect belt to complement your outfit will become second nature to you.