Custom Leather Belts Vs. Regular Leather Belts: What Should You Choose?

Belts have been an important clothing accessory for both men and women for centuries. The current market offers us a vast variety in belts, ranging from synthetic to leather, from custom belts to branded, and much more.

Leather, being one of the most popular belt materials, has an impressive range of options—the most important of which being custom or regular. Let’s compare custom leather vs. regular belts to help you make an informed buying decision.

Types of Leather Belts

The first step in understanding the difference between custom leather belts and standard belts is understanding the types of leather belts available.

Synthetic leather belts: Synthetic leather belts for men aren’t made from real leather. Rather other materials are machined to look like leather. These “faux” leather belts are often the cheapest option and don’t last long.

Bonded leather belts: Bonded leather is produced from the scraps of other leather products. The material is ground and glued together to create a belt that looks like full-grain leather. These belts still tend to be affordable but offer more durability than synthetic belts (but less than other leather types).

Top-grain leather belts: These belts are made of layers with the outer-most layer being full-grain leather. The inner layer is often another material, such as cotton, which may or may not have another layer of real leather covering its other side.

Full-grain leather belts: These are the most durable and expensive leather belts—but also the highest quality. Most custom leather belts are made from full-grain leather. Full-grain belts consist of a single solid piece of genuine leather.

What’s the Difference Between a Custom Leather Belt and a Regular Belt, Then?
Regular belts can be made from all the materials of above—as can custom belts. The difference is customization.

A regular belt comes in a standard length and is available in whatever material is on the shelf, which may or may not even be specified. A custom belt’s material, size, and design are 100% up to you. That leaves factors such as price, durability, and appearance in your hands as well.

Regular belts do tend to cost less, but then, that affordability is at least partially offset by the decreased durability.

Which Belt Should You Get?

Choosing the right dressy or casual belt for you can be a troublesome task if you overthink it, but before buying your belts online, you should weigh all the options that a custom leather belt provides.

You can have almost anything engraved on your custom leather belt—names, initials, art, whatever fits your style. Getting your belt customized also means that you control the belt's height, width, edge style, tip style, buckle, and other aspects. Regular belts simply do not offer you this luxury.

If you like being in absolute control of the way you look, then custom leather belts are the right bet for you. If you prefer a more standardized and affordable option, a regular belt might be a better choice.